Write An Essay About The Advantages And Disavantages Of Living In The City


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It is reported that there is a rising number of people residing in metropolitan areas. Even if work prospects are more abundant in these areas, the chất lượng of đô thị life would still be unpleasant due lớn living expenses và noise levels being substantially higher.

On the one hand, major cities provide both a significant amount of employment and higher average salaries. With corporations dominating the đô thị skyscrapers, it is impossible khổng lồ not find work. Statistics from new york City demonstrate that inhabitants here have ten times more job prospects than those in the neighboring suburbs & smaller towns. Additionally, greater earnings are also another reason why workers are attracted to lớn large cities. High-skilled workers tend khổng lồ concentrate in urban centers because they can accumulate valuable experiences that are not available elsewhere.

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This skilled workforce is, of course, the target of agglomeration economies which are often willing to pay higher wages.

The increased cost of living, on the other hand, is the first disadvantage that people typically evaluate when considering relocating to lớn a city. Major cities always have vastly higher living expenses than their surrounding suburbs. Places such as San Francisco and Los Angeles consistently have the highest accommodation costs in the United States. In these cities, basic living expenditures such as rent, utilities, food, beverages, and gasoline tend lớn be much greater. Secondly, metropolitan regions also have higher noise exposure. Major cities have far more inhabitants and traffic, which adds lớn the noise, as vị trains and neighboring airports with shrieking planes arriving & departing. Special events, such as musical concerts và tournaments, can also render a neighborhood more disruptive and congested.

In conclusion, although living in bigger cities provides greater job opportunities, the living experience would still be undesirable due to the exorbitant living costs.