Learning a foreign language not only helps master new languages, but learning và using many foreign languages ​​regularly has the effect of improving cognition as well as effectively preventing memory decline due lớn aging. Learning two or more languages ​​at the same time has been shown to have positive effects on keeping the mind young.

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1.1 Concepts of learners và proficient use of foreign languages ​​How many languages ​​can you speak fluently? Some people are fluent in only one native language, but there are also many people who try to lớn learn another foreign language. Nowadays, learning 2 foreign languages ​​or learning 3 languages ​​at the same time or even more has gradually become a trend. A person born in Vietnam, the first và only language that they learn is Vietnamese, this group can be called monolingual. Then, they learn & use English fluently, at this time, that person will be classified as bilingual. If, besides Vietnamese, a person learns 2 foreign languages ​​and uses them fluently, they will be called multilingual people. 1.2 Benefits of learning multiple languages ​​at the same time The trend of globalization & integration into global citizenship is growing strongly. Therefore, learning 2 or more foreign languages ​​is also a necessity because of the benefits it brings: Increased connection: One great thing about humans is social connection. Communicating with foreign friends in their native language is a great gift for them. You can easily expand your relationships, travel khổng lồ many places, which helps khổng lồ expand your knowledge and reach many cultures. Increase confidence: Learning 2 or more foreign languages ​​means that you have tried and failed many times, overcome many fears before mastering them, so confidence also follows the learning process that is constantly being strengthened. Try. Increase decision-making ability: Studies show that decisions made in a second language are often more rigorous và logical than when using the mother tongue. Career advancement: It is easy khổng lồ see that a candidate fluent in many foreign languages ​​is always more prominent và prioritized for promotion in his career. Helps keep the mind young (this benefit is proven by many studies và scientific knowledge will be clarified in the next section).
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Finding ways to keep our minds sharp & young as we age remains an area of ​​focus for neuroscientists. Learning more than one foreign language forces the mind lớn work actively to lớn maintain alertness, analytical ability, & situational handling lớn avoid language confusion, thereby significantly improving brain health. Because of this, learning 2 foreign languages ​​or even learning 3 languages ​​at the same time is both a way to lớn relax và help the brain exercise every day, slowing the onset of memory decline và decline. Intelligence , this is proven through many studies: Recent studies also prove that learning 2 foreign languages ​​and using them fluently can slow dementia and Alzheimer"s disease by an average of 4 years; New research published in the prestigious journal Neurology shows that people who speak more than one language have lower rates of different types of dementia than monolinguals. To lớn explain this, scientists say that the use of multiple languages ​​has the effect of training thinking & processing activities, making the brain work actively against the laziness và stagnation that are accelerates the aging process of the brain. Learning two or more languages ​​is thought lớn lead to better development of the areas of the brain that process attention and focus functions that may help protect against the onset of dementia.
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If you have, are and intend lớn learn 2 foreign languages ​​or even 3 languages ​​at the same time, you can refer to lớn the following tips: Practice time management skills; mix realistic goals for each foreign language; Learning similar foreign languages; Practice every day; Make learning fun; Select reputable sources và places lớn teach foreign languages. Learning 2 or 3 languages ​​at the same time isn"t easy - but it"s completely doable. If you follow the tips above, you are more likely lớn successfully learn two languages ​​at the same time. At first, constantly switching back and forth between two languages ​​will make your brain feel difficult & overwhelmed. However, if you continue to lớn persevere, you will definitely master the language và improve brain health. Learning more than one foreign language can make you smarter, faster problem-solving, và even maintain a certain youthfulness of your mind over time.

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